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We thought it’s an appropriate time to give you insights into “New Vistas of Indian A&D”, a strategic discussion event to get better understanding of the Indian Aerospace & Defense industry in Global context ahead

What's the discussion about?

he aerospace industry is undergoing a global transformation. The aerospace supply chain is on the course of evolution with new players emerging outside the traditional aerospace dominating regions of the world like USA, France, Germany and the UK. In this transforming backdrop, India is witnessing its own growth. Several reports have been published on the potential in both military and commercial sector of aerospace in India due to the growing demands in the country. It is true that with potential and opportunities come challenges. India is expected to cater to a booming Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry in the coming decade, but as with every opportunity there will be challenges faced across various areas in the industry.

Who is leading the discussion?

Eminent members from the Aerospace Industry will be present to share their views & opinions. Each panel will be chaired by key members from the MIT University MR.N.Nijanthan ME, Head of Team, Mr.C.Sivanantham BE, Senior Software Engineer

Where We Meet

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